You’re a coward!

There are so many things I want to know, so many things I want to say to him, but my insecurities hold me back. What if he doesn’t feel the same that I do? What if it was just nothing to him? Why must I look like a fool in front of him? Besides, Im doing better now so I might as well just ignore this and just keep moving forward right?

Somehow I just want to know that he’s also putting up a front. That he’s just pretending to be okay. That deep down inside, he regrets it.

I wish I didn’t feel like this. I wish I hated him. But I don’t. I really, really don’t hate him. I can’t hate him.

All I can say is:

You’re a coward. Not because you couldn’t tell me you didn’t want to be with me for whatever reason. But you’re a coward because you were too scared to try. You were too scared to try to see that we would have been good. We would have been great.